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Residential & Commercial Electricians in Thornton, CO

If your Denver home is in need of some serious electrical upgrades, the caring professionals at Thor Electric have you covered. We are committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable, and affordable electrical services to ensure your satisfaction with every new project. We are dedicated to offering reliable and dependable services for all of our customers in the Denver area and we strive to provide our clients with the best customer service in the industry.

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Stay in Compliance with Your Local Code

There’s no question that one of the most important parts of your home is your electrical system. Without a reliable electrical system in place, you will likely be dealing with many issues that make your home life a constant headache. Your home should be a place that fits your needs and provides you with all of the comfort and convenience you expect, something which having a shoddy electrical system will prevent you from enjoying. 

There are many reasons you should think about having your Denver home remodeled and rewired. First, it’s possible that your home may be out of compliance with your local code requirements and regulations. If you’ve owned your home for a long time, you might not think this is something you should really care much about, but if you ever intend to sell your home, this will become a much bigger issue. 

Homes that are out of compliance with local rules and regulations will not be able to legally be sold to another homeowner, as you will ultimately be responsible for making the necessary changes to get your home up to date. A home that is not in compliance with local code will also be seen as a liability for any potential buyers, as it will dramatically lower the value of your home. 

If your home is dealing with electrical or wiring issues, you may notice that some outlets are not working or you may be dealing with power surges in other parts of your home. This is certainly not something you will want to have to deal with and will make the prospect of rewiring and remodeling your home a much more attractive idea. In addition to ensuring that your home is functional, having your home rewired can also improve the energy efficiency of your property. Over time, this can reduce your energy bills and help contribute to a more environmental-friendly future. 

Having a home with an up-to-date electrical system is important for a number of reasons. A home that upgrades its electrical system will be safer and more energy-efficient, an important factor to consider when you are weighing the benefits of having your home’s electrical system upgraded. The professionals at Luxray Electric are committed to ensuring you and your family are completely satisfied with every project we take on and we are happy to speak with you about any potential project you have on the horizon. If you are considering upgrading your Denver home’s electrical system, contact the experts at Luxray Electric today and let us help you reach your goals. 

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