Pet Friendly Electricians

By Matt Hill - September 6, 2021

At Luxray we appreciate the opportunity to do electrical projects at your home.  We understand that your house is an investment and we provide safe, clean, professional work with the utmost respect for your household.  In addition to reliable scheduling, patience, and easy-to-understand explanations, we get that your four-legged family members may have interest in the job we do as well.  Luxray Electric & Solar takes pride in being the pet-friendly choice for your project.

Home improvement tasks of any kind can be a hazard to your pets, but particularly small objects from the immediate job area can be enticing.  Luxray takes care to collect these small pieces of wire, metal, trash, etc., so your four-legged friend doesn’t snack on any questionable items.  The same goes for tools or material that may fall; we eliminate that danger to your pet.  While they may have interest in sniffing around tool boxes and fittings, Luxray is conscious to keep hazards away from even the most inquisitive dog or cat.

Your four-legged family member may have specific rules for backyard, gates, and conduct with visitors.  Rest assured we will adhere to your policy and do our best to make your pet comfortable with us as new friends.  We take time before and after unloading our gear to give the appropriate amount of pets and scritches.  Some pets may choose to watch us work, which is welcome, though some wire pulls and fan installations may cause overexcitement.

Small or large, canine or feline, we enjoy meeting your pets and befriending them during our visit.  Multi-day projects only cement that bond, so it may be necessary to arrive a little early for job inspections so your pet gets preliminary visitor attention before the Inspector shows up.  Luxray understands that your household is not just walls, roof, and electrical panel, but home to your entire family.  We promise to provide you with the professional support you deserve as we complete your project, whilst being pet-safe and friendly the whole time.        


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