Keeping Warm and with Electricity this Winter

November 5, 2021

Although the start to this fall/winter season has been mild thus far, that doesn’t always last in Colorado. With our extreme weather conditions changing hourly, it can be hard to keep up with all the damage that can be caused by the bigger storms. Luxray Electric can help with the burden of damage to your home's electrical system without causing you extra stress. Our team does recommend having a back-up plan ready to go – a portable generator, extra candles blankets and batteries, or a standby electric generator. Colorado weather is so unpredictable it’s better to plan for the worse and get the best than be caught off guard in the winter. Luxray Electric can help install a standby electric generator to ensure you have backup power, or simply fix the damage caused by a storm. Our team of highly trained professionals will come out to your home, diagnose the problem, and come up with the best solution for you. 

Damage can be caused by wind, hail, snow, or just normal wear and tear from all of the mentioned weather patterns. While it is a great idea to have a backup generator for your home, especially for the snowy winter and spring month, our team understands that not everyone can have a backup on hand. For those that need immediate attention, our team is standing by to help you get electricity back to your house. For those that can have one, let our team help ensure you have the proper one. You can have a standby electric generator or a portable one. Both are great options, and our team of experts would love to help you ensure you have what you need to get through this winter. If you are looking for a generator to use without having a professional install it, the portable generator is the best option for you. Please do keep in mind to not overload this generator or your backup can fail as well. Portable generators are not equipped to run a whole house and should only be used to plug in necessary items. A licensed professional is required for any standby electric generators as they need to be sure that a transfer switch is properly installed. Our team can quickly determine the steps we need to take to ensure your house is properly functioning for you and your family.

We are state licensed and insured and offer full electrical services to residential properties and commercial spaces. We strive for excellent customer service, quick response and highest quality of work. Our professional, qualified and certified team of electricians is committed to solving your problem quickly and making your experience stress free. We are NABCEP Certified Installers. Contact us today.
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