Denver Electric and Solar: Winter Watch List

For homeowners, understanding the importance of monitoring your electricity usage can be extremely beneficial. Not only can you take steps to help lower the cost of utilities, but it can also protect your home. As the seasons change, there is a shift in the heating and cooling cost associated with your property but there are also other measures of importance individuals should consider. By keeping track of these opportunities, informed decisions can be made about how things operate when the temperatures drop.

The truth about winter in Denver revolves around snow but also an understanding that temperatures fluctuate considerably. These up and down movements actually make things milder than many people realize, but it can also wreak havoc on your utilities and HVAC system. In addition, there are plenty of other measures to take in order to keep your home protected. 
Electrical Outlet Usage

Homeowners should always keep an eye out for improvements on their electrical outlet usage. Be aware not to overload a certain circuit and only one major appliance should be allotted to each wall unit. By divvying up these items, homes should remain protected.
Monitor Heating Units

Another issue to watch is any type of heating unit needing to be plugged in for power. These should always be single units inserted into wall outlets, in the absence of any other large powered items. Including electric heaters, space heaters, and miniature units, a separate outlet and circuit for power is always best. 
Electric Blanket Awareness

Electric blankets can help to warm up on a cold winter’s day, but they can also be dangerous. Ensure that you have powered off these items, don’t use them during sleep, and consistently inspect their integrity. In the event any wire fraying is noticed, a replacement should be considered.
Check Detectors

The change in seasons can also be a great time to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detection units. Replace any batteries and make certain these life saving devices are functioning properly. Especially in a time when fires, gas, and other heating elements are being used consistently, the proper operation of these items is critical.
Power Off

Another step individuals can take to protect their home is consistently taking the opportunity to turn off lights and appliances when not in use. Instead of leaving the room and everything in it on - using power - individuals can save ample amounts of money from just their heating and cooling tasks alone.

If you have any questions about the opportunities for professional assistance with residential electrical work or common winter issues, give the Luxray Electric and Solar experts a call today. In addition to providing answers to any of your installation or safety questions, they can also take care of multiple other issues associated within the power grid of your home. Serving Denver and the surrounding areas for over 15 years, our clients have an extensive history of being supported and helped for a variety of different electrical needs. If you have questions about your services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and providing the type of service you can rely on whatever your needs may be very soon!
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