Denver Electric and Solar: Smoke Alarm Things To Know

For most individuals, taking steps to protect their home and family comes as an easy decision regardless of the circumstances. However, far too often the absence or misplacement of smoke alarms in a home has the potential to be devastating if not corrected. This area, unfortunately, is not often discussed or even considered when purchasing real estate or constructing a new property. It’s not that individuals are making intentional decisions to forego their protection but these measures are simply not at the forefront when choosing to purchase or construct a home.

Causes of house fires range from a variety of different sources and with over 350,000 reported annually, it’s time individuals begin paying attention to these details. Doing so can not only protect their property but it may just save their lives. Whether you are a resident in an older home or in the planning stages for your next home, understanding the importance of proper smoke alarm placement and functionality should be part of your list for consideration before making any decisions. In fact, even if you’re not making a move, upgrades and installations are also possible in order to help you rest a little easier.


There are a number of different smoke detection units from which to choose and each can be used in combination with one another, although there are advantages to having the entire system hardwired together. The most common units are either hardwired or battery operated and often, even those wired into a home’s electrical system also operate with a battery back-up. 


When choosing to place detection devices, remember to get height wherever they are being installed. Since smoke will rise, having these detectors up on the ceiling or high on a wall can be extremely beneficial. In addition, be sure to avoid vents, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and anything else which could deter or prohibit a unit's ability to detect smoke in the home.


A smoke detector should be placed inside each bedroom, on every level of the home, and near any potential heat sources - but not so close that they are constantly setting off false alarms. Having detectors in garages and placed just outside bedrooms can also help alert individuals in the home as quickly as possible should smoke ever be detected. Remember, there is no limit to the amount of smoke detectors a home can have, but not having enough is extremely risky.


Most smoke detector maintenance is relatively easy, provided you consistently change the batteries and test your units regularly. Doing so will ensure that your home remains protected and that in the event of an emergency, the devices will work as directed.

If you have any questions about the implementation or need for hardwiring smoke alarms in your home, give the Luxray Electric and Solar experts a call today. In addition to providing answers to any of your installation or safety questions, they can also take care of multiple other issues associated within the power grid of your home. Serving Denver and the surrounding areas for over 15 years, our clients have an extensive history of being supported and helped for a variety of different electrical needs. If you have questions about your services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and providing the type of service you can rely on whatever your needs may be very soon!
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