Denver Electric and Solar: Five Home Office Upgrades To Consider

The coronavirus pandemic had plenty of unwanted and negative impacts on people across the world, but one potential positive was how businesses transitioned to remote work and access for their employees. As many of these newly developed trends continue, individuals have been expected to make improvements within their home to accommodate this newfound work experience. From stand-up desk installations to enhanced internet, there are plenty of potential modifications available but many already revolve around existing electrical components of the new or reviatilized home office.

Even as things seem to be improving in regards to mandates and virus spread, remote work is persisting and trending toward a permanent adaptation. Countless different industries have already successfully adopted this relatively new concept with unprecedented success. As the trend becomes even more commonplace, there are a few home office upgrades those working remotely should consider in order to enhance their daily operations.


Staring at the computer screen all day could be detrimental to your eyesight, but one way to combat this potential impact is with sufficient lighting. Ensure your space is appropriately lit all hours of the day by installing efficient lighting, bulbs, or all new fixtures.

Surge Protection

A home office typically indicates there will be a computer or other power guzzling device on hand. Ensure your files are safely protected, in addition to your entire house, with an appropriate surge controlling device installed specifically for the office.

Outlet Access

Depending on your existing layout, the opportunity to have additional plugs or USB outlets available is highly likely. These modifications can ensure you get the precise configuration of your new home office exactly right while maintaining power source integrity in all directions.


From untangling your charging cords to being able to formulate an organized appearance for any and all electrical cords - wiring is always an issue when it comes to electrical devices. If so inclined, there may be options available to ensure homeowners are getting the most out of their space with specifically designed wiring preferences.

Circuit Breaker

The addition of new devices (i.e. computer, printer, fax machine, television, etc.) into a home office may put unwarranted drain on a particular circuit over the property. If you witness reasoning or feel an upgrade is necessary, then consider professional assistance for any improvements or new installations.

If you have a need for any of these home office upgrades or other electrical projects around the house, give the Luxray Electric and Solar experts a call today. In addition to providing answers to power surge protection questions, they can also take care of multiple other issues associated within the entire electrical grid of your home. Serving Denver and the surrounding areas for over 15 years, our clients have an extensive history of being supported and helped for a variety of different electrical needs. If you have questions about your services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and providing the type of service you can rely on whatever your needs may be very soon!
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